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Technological equipment

TrackMan on Garda Lake, Arzaga Golf Club


It was born in Denmark as a radar designed to optimize the launch of war granades and then converted to civilian use. It is a technological instrument based on doppler radar, that measures the behaviour of the golf club, the impact and the three-dimensional projection of the ball. It mainly values the flight of the ball in the driving range.

It is very easy to use: you just have to place the trackman behind you and then take the shot. Trackman will screen your shot and it will return to a computer (tablet or smartphone) a set of datas, such as 21 specific measures that characterize your shot to a computer (tablet or smartphone).

These are the measured and recorded datas: the type of impact and the flight of the ball, the club face, details about your swing, the speed of the head and the ball, the lenght and dispersion of the shot.

Basically, Trackman is a radar able to fully scan your shot, whether it is 3 or 400 metres away. It is so accurate that its gap it’s only 1 metres.


As we already said before, there are different datas. Here you are a list:


  • Speed of the club’s head
  • Distance of the shot (both in flight and roll)
  • Amount of error (how much you go left or right)
  • Direction of the club’s head
  • Position of the club’s face
  • Attack’s angle
  • Club’s loft on impact
  • Smash factor (how correctly a ball impacts)

with Trackman

A new way of analizyng ball’s flight

A new way of analyzing ball’s flight has been introducted with the Trackman; furthermore it emerged that the trajectory of the ball is mainly given by the orientation of the club’s face.

According to statistics, the 85% of the initial direction of the ball’s flight depends on the orientation of the club’s face; while just the 15% depends on the path at the moment of the impact of the club’s head.

Obviously, the use of the Trackman requires the support of a professionist able to read all the datas, as some of them are easy to understand, but others need the interpretation of an expert that can provide more details (as you can see in the video created by Federgolf, that shows how Trackman works)


BodiTrak Golf System is the first portable and handy mat capable of recording the information of balance and weight distribution, the Center of Pressure ("COP") during the swing. Using patented technology for intelligent fabrics and dedicated software, BodiTrak analyzes real-time data on balance and vertical force.
BodiTrak allows our coach to provide players with cutting-edge technology, which gives immediate results in terms of performance, with tangible results on the playing course from the first lessons, thanks to the mapping of the pressure distribution, the trace of the center of weight , and the division of the same between right and left foot, and between heel and toe.



World’s leading coaching & training system.

 SAM PuttLab is the most accurate putt’s analysis and training system in the world. It analyses all the most important parametres of ball’s direction and shows the results with easy-to-understand


The analysis reveals even the smallest detail of your movements and allows you to develop improvements and training strategies.

Putt training in a new dimension

43% of golf shots are putts, anyway they are rarely fully trained. Neurosciences show us that efficient learning is based on an accurate feedback. SAM PuttLab offers the most efficient technology for training and the achievement of concrete results.

Lots of trainers and PGA’S professionists can witness the specific features of SAM PuttLab.


  • Complete analysis of the most important putt’s aspects
  • Specific training’s modules
  • More than 80 levels of personalized reports
  • Suitable for amateurs as well as PGA Tour’s players
  • More than 2000 satisfied clients in the world
  • Professional putt’s fitting
  • Portable indoor and outdoor use
  • 3D reproduction’s module/template
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